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Drafts and Editing

Right, so as of now the official blog schedule is “when something happens”.

Apropos of nothing, something happened. Specifically, the first draft of Book #2 is officially complete and in the hands of beta reader. Not plural, singular. It used to be plural, but of my 5 beta readers, two never responded, the third was upfront that he didn’t like it, the fourth was Yvonne and the fifth came back with notes. Yvonne will be tagging in later, but since she was basically able to read over my shoulder while draft 1 was being type there isn’t much sense in having her sit through it again until something significant changes.

Revisions and additions are already being plotted, but for now they are just sitting in a document waiting for their day in the sun. Additionally, the book needs a name. Naming stuff is always something I have issues with, and whenever possible I put it off for later. Fortunately, through the magic of placeholders, and “[” brackets that are easily searchable in word processing programs, this issue does not slow me down.

As mentioned previously, this Book #2 is technically the third book; the original Book #2, which ironically already has a name, is still just sitting there. Yvonne has suggested putting some work on it while waiting for feedback, but I feel no great rush to go back and finish it. The text as writ (and outlined for the parts not actually written yet) exists as part of the canon, but I had concerns about some aspects of it. Chiefly, the fact that Caroline effectively gets sidelined while secondary characters run around and get into fights and solve mysteries. While  the other characters having a life outside of the main protagonist doesn’t bother me, the fact that the protagonist only features in 40% of the first two books would send odd and mixed signals. Hence Arms Race got sidelined until we could get Caroline established a bit more firmly. Then the Professor can host wacky homicide hour.

In other news:

  • Good news: Payday 2 has finally started to fade from my attention, and will not consume my time for the foreseeable future. Bad news: It has faded because I finally have Fallout 4. The game has it’s high points and it’s low points, but overall we’re having a good time so far. Unfortunately for one of the best RPG franchises, some of the low points are dialogue and the roleplaying elements, though the settlement building options are interesting. Also unfortunately, sometimes I wonder what the developers were thinking with some of the places that get suggested for settlement locations, like the drive-in theater (“Sure Preston, let’s set up shop on a flat concrete slab with no natural defenses, no resources other than scrap metal, and a radioactive pool in the center. Jackass.”). My pipe dream hope is that we will see a repeat of what happened with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, where Bethesda makes a numbered Fallout game that introduces a number of interesting technical innovations, and then bring in a pack of ex-Black Isle people to take those innovations and use them to make a named Fallout with better writing. Dare to dream.
  • Yvonne is at work on her next set of books, as well as taking some time to work on a few unrelated projects. Mostly craft themed. Will keep details to a minimum; if she gets the urge to share, it will be up on her blog.



Status Update

So… it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Which, in a step up from the last time I went a while without posting here also included leaving a “Part One” of something sitting around with no part two. To those who are still set to follow the blog, thanks for sticking around, and I will strive to do better in coming months. Those who are no longer set up to follow the blog aren’t reading this, so any apology to them would be a hollow gesture.

First and foremost, Yvonne has released her second book in the Frohman’s War series, Campaign of Acceptance. It is now available on Amazon for $2.99, or “free” with Kindle Unlimited. She has a preview segment up on her blog.

Second, “Arms Race” has been on hold for a while. Things just weren’t working out, and it’s been shifted to the back burner for the time being. Work has been progressing on what is shaping up to be the second book in the Shattered Continent series, which is currently sans working title. Out of a desire to avoid last year’s presumptuous mistake, no estimated time of arrival is being provided for it until we are much closer to release.

Third, I’ll get Part Two of that Halloween post up, hopefully in short order. More details to come later.


The fact that my pistol looks like Marv from Sin City is just a happy bonus.

October Ahoy! Part One

So, this went dark for a while again. Sorry.

I’ll spare you the whining, lets just say that life was being a cunt in its usual, unexceptional way, and it required a bit of attention for a while. Fortunately, we do have something to post up here now; more prop building. While this wasn’t meant to be a regular feature on the Mandatory Minimum Presence, it seems to have become one. A few irons are in the fire, and while no finished works are ready to show, we can at least post some progress.

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An Update of Status

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately. After getting Caroline’s Awakening out the door, there seemed to be less “newsworthy” things going on around Schloss Krieg. November wound up being something of a dead month as well, with Yvonne taking a run at National Novel Writing Month (with victory achieved) and me on support detail as she has done for me the last few years. That being said, things are starting to ramp up here again, and a fresh deadline is approaching, only it isn’t mine this time.

Yvonne is in the final stages of preparing her first book for press, and it has finally received an official title. Frohman’s War: Battle of Hearts has a tentative publishing date of Late January 2015. A seven page preview is currently up on Yvonne’s site (Here). As I have mentioned before, we’re sharing a universe, but Frohman’s War is a very different animal from Shattered Continent. The preview cuts off before anything really explicit happens, but women are making out before the preview ends, so if that isn’t your cup of tea then maintain a safe distance. Yvonne’s mom didn’t. That led to an awkward conversation.

In related news, work on the cover is underway. Alicia is back, and we’re stepping up our game a bit. The cover for Caroline’s Awakening was made using a digitally altered photograph of items we had ready access to. Yes, we had ready access to an old map, a combat knife and a flashlight-equipped 1911. We’re that kind of household. This time around, we’ll be using a digitally altered photograph of things we don’t have ready access to, like a sub-machine gun and a model. Yvonne has acquired a model via social engineering and bribery (read: asking nicely and offering non-specific compensation), and I’m building a (fake) SMG for the shot. We should have something on that front posted about early to mid January.

Back on the subject of Shattered Continent, Book #2 is well underway. The current working title is Shattered Continent: Arms Race, which Yvonne thinks is a vast improvement over the original working title, Shattered Continent 2: Electric Boogaloo. Arms Race is going to be my chief focus for the foreseeable future, and as a side effect most of my posting on here is going to be for Yvonne’s work. She has suggested expanding in scope a bit (posting opinion pieces, creative process, worldbuilding, etc.), and I might follow up on that suggestion. More on that at it arrives.


Another Query Away

Yes, this took longer than expected. I blame two factors; one, I had a bit of a personal block when it came to shoving a 73k book into three paragraphs (and have posted on twitter to that account). Second, Civilization V. When my wife asked me when I was going to start making forward progress again, my response was “after I nuke the Shoshone”.

Her response was “what?” She seemed a little cross when I said that I had already basically won the game, having murdered every civilization except the Shoshone, and was spite-bombing their only remaining city every turn while improving the lands and playing with the tech tree. And then I accidentally won a Culture victory before I could get the nuke out and drop it on them, so I left the game, buckled down, and got the job done. Yvonne stopped being cross after that, which is nice. And to anyone here who has been checking in, wondering when progress would happen, I apologize; during the process, all I felt like posting was my hatred of the query system (and I don’t want to vent my spleen too hard on here) or my guilt at losing focus because of Civ V (see previous note).

This was originally one big post, but I’m going to break it in half. The second bit will be up when I puzzle out how to make a poll on this thing. I’ve got a few irons in the mental fire here, and am wanting to get some opinions on which one should go on the anvil first.