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Part III

So it turned out that there were never pics of the sword. I’d like to say that this absence of pics was the cause of the delay in this post, but the flaw in the system exists between the keyboard and chair. Specifically, I get distracted while writing the still-untitled Book #2 and helping Yvonne with her 3rd, and the Blog ends up being bottom priority. In a related good news/bad news scenario I’ve cooled off my Team Fortress 2 activity… because I finally have a machine that can run Payday 2, so expect that to crop up in the tags for the next few posts.

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The fact that my pistol looks like Marv from Sin City is just a happy bonus.

October Ahoy! Part One

So, this went dark for a while again. Sorry.

I’ll spare you the whining, lets just say that life was being a cunt in its usual, unexceptional way, and it required a bit of attention for a while. Fortunately, we do have something to post up here now; more prop building. While this wasn’t meant to be a regular feature on the Mandatory Minimum Presence, it seems to have become one. A few irons are in the fire, and while no finished works are ready to show, we can at least post some progress.

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Final Edit Pass Complete

Well, as those of you who are watching me yell at strangers on Twitter (@PTKrieg) already know, I found a plot hole while doing a final detailed pass through my text. A few other tweaks were made, and an urge to insert more material was suppressed. Specifically, to insert more text into two chapters that already consist of one character picking up a brick of exposition and clubbing another character’s head in with it. It’s all vital information, but the area is already packed to the brim, and no more can be shoved in there.

Yvonne is going to take a last look at what I have while I do the formatting, headers, page numbering, layout, etc.. The cover is still a work in progress; need to check in with the artist, ask if she’s ok with me posting updates re: her work on here. If she is, some of the rough draft material may wind up here or posted to twitter. More info will be posted as it arrives. In the meantime, the usual requests for feedback and contact still apply. Until next time.



So, a series of back-room talks have been taking place between Yvonne and myself  over the last month and change, regarding the acquisition of representation. Specifically, the issues with acquiring representation when two different writers in two different genres share a universe. Yvonne’s stuff has military science-fiction/fantasy elements, but at it’s core is a romance; demons, magic and airships are just the backdrop and set pieces for the wacky adventures of a bisexual adventuress and her friends. Meanwhile, my stuff is about as romantic as a pile of ants. To illustrate the contrast, Yvonne’s protagonist is getting laid before the first chapter is out, while one of mine is shooting someone in the face and using their body as cover within 10 pages, and *SPOILER ALERT* no one gets laid at all. Seriously, no one even makes it to second base. Or first base. The whole game is on rain delay, the gift shop is closed, and the guy with the beer said screw it and went home…

That metaphor got out from under me, and I apologize. So, even if we could find a single agent who plays a wide enough field to sell both sets of books, they would most likely have to field them to two different publishing firms. Each of those firms would expect a certain level of control over the final product they were putting on the shelves (as discussed here), which we would need to fight them over in order to keep from invalidating each other’s work. In short (too late) we’d need to have a whole bunch of things line up perfectly in a market where even achieving a bog-standard success (getting an agent, selling to a publishing house, and getting on the shelf) is extremely difficult.

So, we’re going freelance. Rogue agents, loose cannons, and all those other metaphors for things that sound cool but are actually horrible when you stop to consider the full implications. The details are still coming together, but one has already taken form; a planned e-book publishing date of 31 October 2014 for mine, with hers to follow at a yet-unspecified date. This date has been carefully considered, totally isn’t a number we just pulled out of our ass, and has nothing to do with Yvonne’s desire to go to a fancy dress party as one of our characters. For real.

As far as what needs to happen, there are a few final revisions being made, formatting for e-book to be done, and sourcing of cover art. If it comes down to it, I can kludge something together that, while not artistic, will at least look relatively clean and professional, but the ideal would be to find an actual artist to do actual art. A few leads have emerged on that point, so we’ll have to see what happens there. Most likely posting will be via Amazon, but nothing is committed yet. More info as it becomes available.

On a tangential note, Tuesday at the Office has reached its conclusion, and we seek the feedback of our up to three readers. Your thoughts, comments, and expletives (within reason) are welcome, either via email or twitter (as listed here) at the sender’s preference. A full and honest post-mortem of the story shows a number of issues, the chief two being the fact that I set out to write a short story and wound up posting a novella (nearly 29,000 words) and missed a number of soft deadlines in the process. Using the former to justify the latter would be the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy in action, so we’re not going to do that. Additionally, no one has responded to the FAQ yet. Not sure if apathy towards FAQ’s is the cause, or if people found me talking to myself off-putting. If it’s the latter, you can kibosh that right quick by sending in some questions. If it’s the former, then you probably tuned out after I said ‘FAQ’ two sentences in a row and skipped to the end after I kept saying FAQ. FAQ FAQ FAQ. For everyone still here, thanks for playing along, and thanks for reading.