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The Inevitable Racist Grandma Syndrome: Cultural Shifts in Fiction and Reality

Archival note: Apparently I started this post 7 months ago, laid it aside in anticipation of further review, and then wandered off. Said further review has now been applied.

Yvonne wants me to blog more, so here we are. Specifically, she thought I should do a write up on something that came up during a conversation on how some of our shared characters would deal with the ravages of old age. More specifically, how if allowed to survive long enough, Susan Frohman would inevitably become an old racist grandma. To wit, the Inevitable Racist Grandma Syndrome, which reads as follows:


Barring gross cultural regression, any individual, regardless of how progressive or radical they were in their teens and twenties, will eventually¬†become an old racist grandma purely by virtue of not keeping up with shifting definitions of ‘progressive’ or ‘radical’ behavior. Death does not make one immune, as ones pre-mortem actions and writings are in danger of being judged or evaluated by later-developed standards

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