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Office Hours: Tuesday at the Office (Part 2)

Tuesday, 6FEB2018, 1211 Local Time (2111 AZT)

The faculty dining hall is, by design, quiet. About every surface that isn’t dedicated to decoration is dedicated to sound mitigation, even some of the decorative surfaces have roles to play, and as a result even during a peak time, like lunch, every table can have a conversation, at a normal level of voice, without having to try and talk over each other. Even after a few years of eating in here, I still find myself admiring the design, new details and nuances still occasionally coming to my attention. I tried explaining it to Susan once; she asked me how a person could see a dragon skull mounted on a wall and be more interested in how they kept it from acting like a giant speakerbox whenever anyone stands too close to it. Some people just don’t appreciate the little mechanical details of occupied areas. I mention the dragon skull because Minette keeps staring at it.

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