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This post comes with an apology to our beta reader. He has actually been done beta reading for some time now, which until now was not reflected in these posts. In fact, the beta reader’s input has already been assimilated into the text, and Yvonne has taken her red* pen to the second revision pass. Not sure how many passes remain;  a few sections have already been flagged for significant rewrites, and we’ll need to play the editing by ear for those.

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Drafts and Editing

Right, so as of now the official blog schedule is “when something happens”.

Apropos of nothing, something happened. Specifically, the first draft of Book #2 is officially complete and in the hands of beta reader. Not plural, singular. It used to be plural, but of my 5 beta readers, two never responded, the third was upfront that he didn’t like it, the fourth was Yvonne and the fifth came back with notes. Yvonne will be tagging in later, but since she was basically able to read over my shoulder while draft 1 was being type there isn’t much sense in having her sit through it again until something significant changes.

Revisions and additions are already being plotted, but for now they are just sitting in a document waiting for their day in the sun. Additionally, the book needs a name. Naming stuff is always something I have issues with, and whenever possible I put it off for later. Fortunately, through the magic of placeholders, and “[” brackets that are easily searchable in word processing programs, this issue does not slow me down.

As mentioned previously, this Book #2 is technically the third book; the original Book #2, which ironically already has a name, is still just sitting there. Yvonne has suggested putting some work on it while waiting for feedback, but I feel no great rush to go back and finish it. The text as writ (and outlined for the parts not actually written yet) exists as part of the canon, but I had concerns about some aspects of it. Chiefly, the fact that Caroline effectively gets sidelined while secondary characters run around and get into fights and solve mysteries. While  the other characters having a life outside of the main protagonist doesn’t bother me, the fact that the protagonist only features in 40% of the first two books would send odd and mixed signals. Hence Arms Race got sidelined until we could get Caroline established a bit more firmly. Then the Professor can host wacky homicide hour.

In other news:

  • Good news: Payday 2 has finally started to fade from my attention, and will not consume my time for the foreseeable future. Bad news: It has faded because I finally have Fallout 4. The game has it’s high points and it’s low points, but overall we’re having a good time so far. Unfortunately for one of the best RPG franchises, some of the low points are dialogue and the roleplaying elements, though the settlement building options are interesting. Also unfortunately, sometimes I wonder what the developers were thinking with some of the places that get suggested for settlement locations, like the drive-in theater (“Sure Preston, let’s set up shop on a flat concrete slab with no natural defenses, no resources other than scrap metal, and a radioactive pool in the center. Jackass.”). My pipe dream hope is that we will see a repeat of what happened with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, where Bethesda makes a numbered Fallout game that introduces a number of interesting technical innovations, and then bring in a pack of ex-Black Isle people to take those innovations and use them to make a named Fallout with better writing. Dare to dream.
  • Yvonne is at work on her next set of books, as well as taking some time to work on a few unrelated projects. Mostly craft themed. Will keep details to a minimum; if she gets the urge to share, it will be up on her blog.


Part III

So it turned out that there were never pics of the sword. I’d like to say that this absence of pics was the cause of the delay in this post, but the flaw in the system exists between the keyboard and chair. Specifically, I get distracted while writing the still-untitled Book #2 and helping Yvonne with her 3rd, and the Blog ends up being bottom priority. In a related good news/bad news scenario I’ve cooled off my Team Fortress 2 activity… because I finally have a machine that can run Payday 2, so expect that to crop up in the tags for the next few posts.

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And Now We’re On Facebook. Yay?

Not sure if happy, but we have a fan page now. The next step will be to find a fan and shove them at it.

A bunch of Yvonne’s Twitter people have been asking her if she had a fanpage, so they may link all of their fan pages together in some manner of grand gestalt, like the Constructicons if they spent less time kicking Autobot ass and more time leaking your photos and changing your settings without asking. It’s mostly going to be her interacting with it, but it will be for the universe as a whole, since it would be a bit silly to have two different sites. It’s main point and purpose will be to establish a presence, however minimal, in that part of the social media realm, and since that’s pretty much my entire mission statement on this site, I approve of her actions wholeheartedly.

In other news, conversation with the cover artist indicates things are proceeding well. Editing and formatting continues. The sun set in the West again today. So, you know, the usual. More news as it arrives.


Final Edit Pass Complete

Well, as those of you who are watching me yell at strangers on Twitter (@PTKrieg) already know, I found a plot hole while doing a final detailed pass through my text. A few other tweaks were made, and an urge to insert more material was suppressed. Specifically, to insert more text into two chapters that already consist of one character picking up a brick of exposition and clubbing another character’s head in with it. It’s all vital information, but the area is already packed to the brim, and no more can be shoved in there.

Yvonne is going to take a last look at what I have while I do the formatting, headers, page numbering, layout, etc.. The cover is still a work in progress; need to check in with the artist, ask if she’s ok with me posting updates re: her work on here. If she is, some of the rough draft material may wind up here or posted to twitter. More info will be posted as it arrives. In the meantime, the usual requests for feedback and contact still apply. Until next time.