About the Mandatory Minimum Web Presence

A non-creative hack writer by trade, P.T. Krieg is working to drop the “non-creative hack” part of his description and publish works of fiction. To do that, he needs a working knowledge of English composition (check), a book worth showing to the public (check), the ability to deal with the public on a consistent and healthy level (playing that one by ear) and a web presence. That last bit is where this blog comes in.

Points of Contact:

Twitter: @PTKrieg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Krieg-Universe/1562136760681955

E-mail: A bsolu tKrie g@gmail.com (remove spaces)

Currently Available:

Shattered Continent: Caroline’s Awakening –  The story of a young woman stranded on a world between dimensions, the demon worshiping rogue mage who has ill intentions towards her, and a friendly band of mercenaries with a fair set of morals and a willingness to work on speculation. Available on Amazon for $2.99.

Office Hours: Tuesday at the Office – The Professor attempts to maintain an open-door policy towards his students, and nearly gets shot for his trouble. Falsely accused of murder, he must talk down his would-be assassin, discover who is trying to throw him under the bus, and consider getting a better door lock. Available here for free, in three parts.


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