I Assure You, I’m Not Dead

The gears turn slowly, but they continue to turn. We’ve abandoned the idea of using actual revolvers for the cover art, so instead we’re going to use the presence of revolver accessories to imply the presence of a revolver. And there may be a condom wrapper in the shot as well, so the presence of dick accessories will imply the presence of the revolver owner, who is a dick.

A crudely drawn map, ill sketched and not to scale, will lie beneath them. Artistically speaking, this will communicate three things. First, by not being to scale it will demonstrate man’s craving for an illusion of order, even if said order lacks the structure that would give it purpose. Second, by being beneath the ammunition and condom the map shall demonstrate that this civil urge is, at the end of the day, subservient to the core “lizard brain” wiring of man, the linked drives of sex and violence and the base urges connected with them. Third, by being ill sketched it will demonstrate that I’m better at assigning pseudo-intellectual meaning to things than I am at drawing.

I had another beta reader lined up, but recently it came to our attention that they haven’t started reading it yet. Not mad or disappointed, since I was basically asking them to do me a favor for free, but not going to sit around waiting forever either. So we’ll be finishing up the last edit pass without their input, and then moving along from there. As usual, we’re shooting for a deadline of “when it’s done”.

On a note more relevant to the blog, it turns out I’ve got a bunch of half-finished draft posts just laying around. Some of those might be winding up on here shortly.



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