Small Update

Sunday morning I engaged in one of the finest old American Christmas traditions. The tree and everything went up the Friday after Thanksgiving, most of the shopping is done (and much of it had been done since February, since Yvonne doesn’t play games in these matters), and only one thing remained. The one thing that, to me, divides the Christmas Season from all the other holidays that Wal Mart would happily serve up as a live sacrifice to a pagan god. The thin line that keeps Thanksgiving from being nothing more than a dress rehearsal for Christmas dinner, with Halloween sitting nervously and wondering when it’s next on the chopping block. And that thing is Alan Rickman, God rest his soul, landing ass-first on the ground outside Nakatomi Plaza. Die Hard is everything you want in a Christmas movie, unless you really need to see more airplanes to get your metaphor erect, in which case you should opt for Die Hard 2: Die Harder. In case you want to fight me on this, know that I stepped away from the TV afterwards to see the first proper snow accumulation of the season. Coincidence? Yeah, but I’m still going to use it to my advantage because I’m not a good person.

The third editing pass of Book 2 is underway. Due to the way Yvonne prefers to operate, this means that there is an actual physical copy of my book sitting next to me, 230ish pages of text in a 3 ring binder, which bears less and less resemblance to my actual test every time I make an adjustment based on the (reasonable substitute for) red ink. If I had my way, there would be zero physical copies until it’s ready to be shown to the public, and even then perhaps not; while Yvonne has invested the time and effort to make an actual physical copy of Battle of Hearts exist, no such copy of Caroline’s Awakening has emerged. When I started on this path the idea of making an actual physical book was appealing, but having to pay for the book to exist kind of throws a damper on the whole fantasy.

On a related note, Book 2 is dangerously close to having a better title than “Book 2”, and significantly better than it’s official working title “Shattered Continent 2: Electric Boogaloo”, and worlds better than it’s unofficial working title “Shattered Continent 2: Shattered Continenter”. It’s down to two candidates, with one solidly in the lead. A quick check on the internet shows that it’s been used before, but it’s been used enough times that if anyone wanted to fight over it we’d have heard about a romance writer pit brawl by now. Because seriously, there turned out to be a lot of romance writers who had a similar thought process. Considering the more or less complete absence of sex in my book (one of the protagonists is implied to have made it to second base or so, but it happens off page), and the significantly larger volume of violence, it strikes me as odd.

Cover art still needs to happen, which is still hinging on my lazy ass either laying hands on one or more Webley 45ACP revolvers or coming up with a concept that is A) free of revolvers, Webley or otherwise and B) within our ability to produce. But as I had mentioned in the last sentence, I am lazy, and this hasn’t happened yet. The time to buckle down approaches, but has not yet arrived.

Other things…

  • For the time being, we are done with Fallout 4. All three main factions have been played through, and all three end with a very large explosion (two of them with the same explosion), a monologue with a few lines of text at the beginning changed for each faction, and everyone in the Commonwealth that you didn’t personally murder with a nuclear weapon and/or giant robot going right about their business regardless of who is in charge. Whichever faction you handed the crown to (and in one case are explicitly the head honcho of said faction) continues handing out quests, the lion’s share of the NPCs still have their little problems which seem to be able to rot indefinitely while waiting for you to show up, and the adventure continues until you decide to stop. For now, I’ve decided to stop. Perhaps when the price comes down a bit lower on Nuka-World I’ll wander back in.
  • The trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 are looking very good. Bautista in particular seems to have his game on high, and has shown a sense of physical and comedic timing that reminds me of Terry Crews. Yvonne thinks little Baby Groot is one of the cutest things to show up on screen, and frankly I feel no cause or drive to dispute her. Marvel is one of the few things that consistently get me out and into the theater, and this one certainly isn’t looking like an exception.
  • And on a final note, a question to our up to 16 readers, any thoughts or feelings on the kinds of things you’d want to see on here more? Or less? Failing that, feel free to ask any random question. Preferably in English, otherwise the response is going to be via Google Translate, and I can’t offer any assurance that it isn’t going to give you “the people called Romans go into the house” for an answer after I hit the button.

Until next post.



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