This post comes with an apology to our beta reader. He has actually been done beta reading for some time now, which until now was not reflected in these posts. In fact, the beta reader’s input has already been assimilated into the text, and Yvonne has taken her red* pen to the second revision pass. Not sure how many passes remain;  a few sections have already been flagged for significant rewrites, and we’ll need to play the editing by ear for those.

What we’ve been up to…

  • Have sat down with Fallout 4 a bit longer, made it through a complete run-through, and went back for a second pass. Having had a bit more time to play around with it, I haven’t changed my overall opinion on the game, but do feel the need to make 2 adjustments to said opinion. First, the Brotherhood of Steel branch of quests is basically just a HD remake of Fallout 3, only with a bunch of pseudofascist jerks in place of the good guys. If you want to actually play a different game you need to throw in with either the Railroad or the Institute, which actually brings something closer to the moral questions of New Vegas to the table, mostly  in the form of the old “freedom vs security/stability” question, among others. Second, mods. Mod everything. Mod the build limits so you can actually build what you want. Mod the raid timer so you don’t get f’d in the A if you’re in the middle of the plot when the mutants get uppity. Mod the armor so you can run faster, jump higher, and have a prettier looking robot girlfriend. Mod your settlers so they’ll shut the hell up. Mod your mods so you can mod while you mod. Mod communities have been making good games great for years now, and F4 is no exception.
  • Payday 2 is now Payday-er than ever. More guns, more jobs, a house that the cops can shoot up, and a crime scene clean-up guy who can not only make 200+ corpses disappear from your yard but also erase any memory the police have of plotting a 200+ man raid on your home. Either Bain knows a guy in the Men in Black, or you just need to jam your fingers in your ear holes and hum the Mystery Science Theater theme.

More updates after the next revision pass, sooner if some sort of relevant development happens.



*Since we didn’t have an actual red pen readily at hand, she used a pink one instead. Red enough for government work.


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