What We’ve Been Doing

As mentioned in our last post, the waiting game is still ongoing, with Book #2 still being perused by the beta reader. Some basic feedback on the early chapters has come back, mostly because I caved in and asked said beta reader how it was going instead of sitting back, playing it cool, and not being over-eager. I hate waiting; if it’s something bad I’m waiting for, then I have to sit there and stew in the negative emotions instead of just ripping off the metaphorical bandaid and getting it over with, and if it’s something good then I have to just sit there and tremble with antici…



…pation.  Either way, not fun.

As far as what we’re up to…

  • My first note on this subject included a number of expletives and odd sexual references, so let me boil it down: Fallout 4 is a good shooter with an interesting building mechanic, but a disappointing Fallout game. If I had gone straight from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4, it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but compared to New Vegas the Commonwealth feels less like a world, and more like a shooting gallery with Fallout-themed targets. I don’t mind using violence as an answer in my video games, but one of the things I’ve always appreciated about the franchise was the fact that violence was an answer, but not the only answer, and in many cases not the best answer. You could negotiate, persuade, or evade, either to avoid a fight entirely or to start the fight on your terms. Now? Most of the game is variations on the theme of “show up somewhere and get in a fight”. A settlement is in trouble… get in a fight. Some place needs investigated… get into a fight. A water system needs fixed… and you go fix it. And then as soon as you get back… get into a fight. Also, the only thing that would make the randomly generated “settlement attack” missions complete is Cousin Roman calling you on your Pip Boy and saying “Hey Nico, let’s go bowling. Or I’ll break your stuff.”
  • We recently returned from an anime convention. Good times. Yvonne seems to be losing interest in the activity; one of the members of our usual party is departing, and part of Yvonne’s enthusiasm for the event was hanging out with said party member. Though we are looking to go back next year it seems like she’s going to be spending most of the time hanging out with the child, aside from the occasional panel and the dealer’s room. Said room is one of the big draws of the place. If you’ve never been in one, imagine a stereotypical Middle-Eastern bazaar, only in an air conditioned convention hall and populated with things nerds like. Odd foreign snacks, bespoke softcore furry porn, weapons of varying levels of fakeness, stuff made out of chainmail, steampunk crap, and so on. Nearly bought a custom leather baldrick with shoulder guard, fake pistol and anachronistic WWII American military icons, but the one that fit didn’t have the right pistol, and vice versa, and I wasn’t drawn in enough by their charms to drop $110+ on one. Perhaps next year.
  • Related to the above, we did a group cosplay. Pictures will be forthcoming on Yvonne’s blog. Also got to sit in on a panel hosted by Doug Walker (aka The Nostalgia Critic) on the subject of “movies no one agrees with you about”. It was a pretty lively room, and people had some pretty compelling arguments for/against films that I disliked/enjoyed.


Book #1: Available Now (‘Free’ with Kindle Unlimited)

Book #1.5: Partial First Draft, On Indefinite Hold

Book #2: First Draft Complete, Pending Additional Revision Passes


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