An Update of Status

As has been announced on Yvonne’s Blog, her debut book Frohman’s War: Battle of Hearts is now live on Amazon for Kindle-compatible devices. If you aren’t keen on ponying up $2.99 on a blind sale, the first seven pages are live on the blog, free for your perusal and consideration. If you like them, please leave a comment, and if you do pick up the book, Yvonne would love a review. As she mentioned in a recent post, she has been really happy with the results so far, and quite literally jumped up and down when she saw she had her first review. As we have mentioned in the past, Yvonne and I are sharing a planet, but out output is pretty different. So, double warning. 1) If you read my book and go over to hers, there’s going to be a massive spike in the amount of explicit sex you are going to see. Straight sex, gay/lesbian sex, groups, implied, explicit, overt, covert, pretty much the whole spectrum. 2) My work is set in the future relative to hers (Frohman’s War being set in the mid-90’s and Shattered Continent in the mid to late 2010s), so Shattered Continent will contain spoilers for Frohman’s War, both in a general¬†sense for the world and in a specific sense for the protagonist; in essence, the “Frohman” and the “War” of the title. So, ye be warned.

Now, for those who head over to check out the book will notice that the hanger in the background doesn’t look a thing like the one I built. That’s because the one I built didn’t work, so they paid money for a stock picture and used that instead. The goal line got shifted on us a bit; the original plan was to have the hanger further in the back, and to have the whole image altered in a watercolor-style filter combined with other post-production work, similar to what was done with the cover to Caroline’s Awakening. During the photography process, Yvonnne and our cover designer shifted directions, due to concerns that the cover would look too much like mine, as well as moving the hanger further up in the shot to help fill the space. Without the benefit of distance and filtering, the hanger looked pretty bad in the shot, and the call was made to dump it. Perhaps in the future we will have need for it, but for now it’s going to get filed away in the basement until it’s day arrives.

Speaking of days arriving, both Yvonne and I are at work on the next installments of our respective series. Barring unforseen circumstances, the second book in the Shattered Continent and Frohman’s War lines should be out this year. No dates yet, but we’ll post when we have something solid. In the meantime, we’re trying our hand at Tumblr, which may or may not end in tears. Wish us luck.



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