Arms and the Woman: Gearing Up for Frohman’s War

As mentioned in the last post, we’re getting ready for the photoshoot for the cover for Yvonne’s premier novel, Frohman’s War: Battle of Hearts. A model has been recruited to pose as the titular Frohman, and the costume itself is mostly together; Yvonne went to a Halloween party as Captain Frohman (c. 2018), and some minor adjustments will be needed for the model to portray Lieutenant Frohman (c. 1990). The focus of this post will be on two items, a sub-machine gun and a combat knife.

The featured image is of the SMG, as well as samples of the materials used in it’s assembly. Instructions for assembly were found on YouTube, from a prop builder by the handle of William Jakespeare ( for the main build, for additional material handling instruction, and for a steampunk gatling arm. That last one isn’t germane to this article, but is rather cool). The weapon he made was a M3, and the one we made was a M3 that had been arsenal upgraded to the M3A1 standard; externally, this just results in the deletion of the cocking lever, partially because the U.S. military surplus SMGs the Cardenas Expedition took with them would have been so upgraded. Any they made on Neue Erde would be to the updated standard, and because I didn’t feel like messing around with a cocking handle. The barrel and main body are made of pvc pipe, with near zero modification save being cut to size and painted; the barrel runs the whole length of the gun, and is secured inside the main body with a combination of hot glue and washers cut out of foam. Nearly everything below and above the pipes are EVA foam (specifically interlocking floor padding panels from a sporting goods store) that were cut, sanded and heat gunned until they were the right shapes and sizes to make grips, magazines, magazine housings, etc. Cardboard salvaged from a granola bar box covers the sides of the action and form the safety/ejector port cover, small dowel rods and Sharpie marker bodies form the accents on the sides and pipes for the stock, respectively. The stock itself is a “retired” hanger that was trimmed down with a Dremel tool and then heat gunned until it could be bent into shape. Final paint finish was with a matte green spray paint. A more detailed break-down of assembly/finishing can be provided later, if their is interest.


Pictured above are a pair of Cold Steel brand training knives. Each is made from a single piece of injection-molded plastic, with the top knife being “factory new” and the bottom being upgraded. The blade, guard and pommel are finished in the same matte green as the sub-machine gun, and the grip section has been finished with a brown, to represent a grip made from stacked leather washers. Both paints were applied in October, and have held up well to regular, non-sparring handling. We’ve accumulated a bit of a collection of these things; they’ve been very handy for helping block out fight sequences.

Some other components for the shot are still in the works; more postings will be made as we get closer to release date.



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