An Update of Status

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately. After getting Caroline’s Awakening out the door, there seemed to be less “newsworthy” things going on around Schloss Krieg. November wound up being something of a dead month as well, with Yvonne taking a run at National Novel Writing Month (with victory achieved) and me on support detail as she has done for me the last few years. That being said, things are starting to ramp up here again, and a fresh deadline is approaching, only it isn’t mine this time.

Yvonne is in the final stages of preparing her first book for press, and it has finally received an official title. Frohman’s War: Battle of Hearts has a tentative publishing date of Late January 2015. A seven page preview is currently up on Yvonne’s site (Here). As I have mentioned before, we’re sharing a universe, but Frohman’s War is a very different animal from Shattered Continent. The preview cuts off before anything really explicit happens, but women are making out before the preview ends, so if that isn’t your cup of tea then maintain a safe distance. Yvonne’s mom didn’t. That led to an awkward conversation.

In related news, work on the cover is underway. Alicia is back, and we’re stepping up our game a bit. The cover for Caroline’s Awakening was made using a digitally altered photograph of items we had ready access to. Yes, we had ready access to an old map, a combat knife and a flashlight-equipped 1911. We’re that kind of household. This time around, we’ll be using a digitally altered photograph of things we don’t have ready access to, like a sub-machine gun and a model. Yvonne has acquired a model via social engineering and bribery (read: asking nicely and offering non-specific compensation), and I’m building a (fake) SMG for the shot. We should have something on that front posted about early to mid January.

Back on the subject of Shattered Continent, Book #2 is well underway. The current working title is Shattered Continent: Arms Race, which Yvonne thinks is a vast improvement over the original working title, Shattered Continent 2: Electric Boogaloo. Arms Race is going to be my chief focus for the foreseeable future, and as a side effect most of my posting on here is going to be for Yvonne’s work. She has suggested expanding in scope a bit (posting opinion pieces, creative process, worldbuilding, etc.), and I might follow up on that suggestion. More on that at it arrives.



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