The Shape of Things to Come

So, with book 1 out and in the wild, our attention turns to the future. Book 2 is already underway, though we’re still in the first draft. There was a brief period there where we were mucking about with more short story work, but at this point I fear it is becoming a distraction, so we’re going to lay it aside for now and focus on the book. The (working) title is Shattered Continent: Arms Race. Over in Yvonne’s sector of the internet, she’s finished with her rough draft of her 3-part fantasy series, and is bringing Part One into a public-ready state. Target for release is sometime in late January/early February, but we’ll be posting a more fine-tuned release date when things shape up a bit more. Alicia Johnson will be back as our cover artist, so be on the lookout for another art post sometime in the back half of December.

On a related note, I’ll be hitting the store tomorrow for supplies to build a fake sub-machine gun for use in said cover art. Presuming it comes out relatively well, we should have some photos of that to post up here as well. More information as it becomes available.



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