Final Edit Pass Complete

Well, as those of you who are watching me yell at strangers on Twitter (@PTKrieg) already know, I found a plot hole while doing a final detailed pass through my text. A few other tweaks were made, and an urge to insert more material was suppressed. Specifically, to insert more text into two chapters that already consist of one character picking up a brick of exposition and clubbing another character’s head in with it. It’s all vital information, but the area is already packed to the brim, and no more can be shoved in there.

Yvonne is going to take a last look at what I have while I do the formatting, headers, page numbering, layout, etc.. The cover is still a work in progress; need to check in with the artist, ask if she’s ok with me posting updates re: her work on here. If she is, some of the rough draft material may wind up here or posted to twitter. More info will be posted as it arrives. In the meantime, the usual requests for feedback and contact still apply. Until next time.



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