Another Query Away

Yes, this took longer than expected. I blame two factors; one, I had a bit of a personal block when it came to shoving a 73k book into three paragraphs (and have posted on twitter to that account). Second, Civilization V. When my wife asked me when I was going to start making forward progress again, my response was “after I nuke the Shoshone”.

Her response was “what?” She seemed a little cross when I said that I had already basically won the game, having murdered every civilization except the Shoshone, and was spite-bombing their only remaining city every turn while improving the lands and playing with the tech tree. And then I accidentally won a Culture victory before I could get the nuke out and drop it on them, so I left the game, buckled down, and got the job done. Yvonne stopped being cross after that, which is nice. And to anyone here who has been checking in, wondering when progress would happen, I apologize; during the process, all I felt like posting was my hatred of the query system (and I don’t want to vent my spleen too hard on here) or my guilt at losing focus because of Civ V (see previous note).

This was originally one big post, but I’m going to break it in half. The second bit will be up when I puzzle out how to make a poll on this thing. I’ve got a few irons in the mental fire here, and am wanting to get some opinions on which one should go on the anvil first.



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