The Creative Process, and Sharing a World

The hunt continues, and by extension so does the blog. Looks like one or two people are dropping in to look at it. Or I’m just seeing myself on the stats because I don’t know what I’m doing. If it is one or more human beings, feel free to comment or ask questions. Or feel free not to. I have no problem talking to myself, or even arguing with myself. A classic amateur mistake is to believe that an internal dialog breaking down into an internal argument is a warning sign of a deeper mental issue. The actual warning sign is hand puppets; if you find yourself assigning one of the voices in your head to a limb, that’s your cue to go drink some tea and take a nap. If there is already a sock on that hand, seek assistance immediately. Sifl and Olly are the only cool sock puppets, full stop.

So, as a maximum of 4 of you may have noted, there is another Krieg on WordPress talking about writing at That would be my spouse, Yvonne. Some cross-posting between the blogs will occur, with a post she’s working on now (UPDATE: Here it is – linking back to one of my earlier posts, and this post referencing a post she hasn’t written yet which shall reference a post that does currently exist…

Sorry, that got away from me for a second there. Pushing forward. As I had mentioned before, the Shattered Continent was the first thing I have written that seemed worthy of public consumption, but isn’t the first thing I have written. Sitting on one of my hard drives is an incomplete book about a team of superpowered vigilantes using automatic weapons to shake down drug dealers squaring off against a twice-rogue CIA agent funding a global extortion plot by serving as a teleporting courier for a Mexican drug cartel. Long before it hit paper, I was taking a walk down by a river with Yvonne. We were just dating back then, and neither one of us was that great with small talk, so these walks typically included long periods of silence, which normally was just fine. On this walk, something different happened. “Tell me a story” she said. At first I thought she was joking, but soon it became clear that it was a legitimate request/demand. So I did.

It was, of course, shit; the characters were either completely 2 dimensional cutouts or self-inserts, the plot was borderline non-existent, material was recycled, mistakes were made. But it was good entertainment, and made for a number of cheap dates. The stories were half free-form roleplaying game, half collaborative storytelling. I was responsible for keeping most of the world running and voicing the majority of the characters, and she would pick one or two characters that were ‘hers’ and interact with the story through them. On at least 3 occasions I can remember, we hit a point where the story would dead-end, and start over. Some years later, after we were married, I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month, and the groundwork that was laid in those walks served as the basis for my first attempt. Emphasis on ‘attempt’. As Jeff Goldblum once pointed out, life finds a way. Mostly it finds a way to screw you over, because all my writing plans came apart like cotton candy in front of a firehose due to circumstances beyond my control, and by the time things settled down my momentum was pretty much dead. One or two more chapters have been ground out since then, but as of this posting it’s a dead project.

The next year, I resolved to try again. While I had considered taking another run up the mountain with the previous year’s subject, I decided (to Yvonne’s disappointment) to start fresh. This time, things happened a bit backwards; I wrote the book (well, I wrote 50000 words of a book; the rest came later) and then she made the old request/demand again. By this point, it had been some time since we had done so, probably because we were married by this point and could find other ways to entertain ourselves than by taking walks. Just like last time, she picked a character, and I ran the world. The character she picked originally didn’t even have a full name, and while she was implied to have a very colorful back story none of it was really fleshed out. Needless to say, this changed. The character got a name, and went on adventures, and in the process gave me a chance to ‘test drive’ parts of the world with something of a live audience. Something else happened, as well. She had always tended to get attached to her characters, but this time it went farther. For the full damage, go check out her blog.

Speaking of spouses, she has expressed concerns regarding my plan to post material on the blog. Regardless of my earlier disclaimers of “canon” of web material relative to published material ( she fears that if someone reads the web stuff, gets attached to it, and then sees it get tossed out the window, they may become aggravated. While I do want to get some actual product on here, I am wary of alienating my maximum of 4 readers. Something for me to think on. Any opinions on the matter are invited in the comments section below, or just go ahead and shoot it at me via Twitter (@PTKrieg).



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