My Second Query is Now Officially “Missing, Presumed Dead”

So, we have officially hit the ‘month and change’ mark since the second query was sent out. While I would be content to sit here until hell burned down if there was assurance that a response was pending, both the agent’s website and the automated response I received to my initial email were very honest about the fact that they do not respond to everything. If a response shows up at some point, great, but the title pretty well sums it up my mindset from here on in. For all legal purposes, the query is dead, we’re divvying up it’s stuff, burying an empty box, wearing black for a month, and then renting out it’s room to a tradesman from Portugal. 


Now don’t get me wrong. I know that this lack of response is a rejection in all but name, and that is a disappointment. But just like my first significant knife wound, it’s something that we chalk up to experience and try to find an upside to. For the knife wound, that upside was a pretty good looking scar, a valuable lesson about trusting the liner lock on a $10 folder, and a deep and (to date) lifelong affection for fixed-blade knives. For this rejection, it’s the freedom to make some adjustments to the text before initiating the next battery of queries. While I thought it was ready to go, or at least ready to be abandoned per George Lucas, having a month and change to sit and stare at the text makes things jump out, things I didn’t feel at liberty to fix due to a desire to have a “complete” work ready to go in response to a partial request; if you’re still fiddling with the guts, it isn’t complete. Now that I’m not waiting with baited breath, I can do whatever I want to it. Most of it is small stuff, like tweaking some times and dates. Others will be more significant. Hopefully it won’t grow 2 chapters the way it did between my second and fourth revision passes, but that’s a bridge we’ll have to cross when we get to it. 

In other news, after this (hopefully final) revision pass and the next wave of query mailing, I intend to start posting some serialized fiction on this blog. In addition to providing a distraction to help keep me from poking at my text while playing the waiting game, there is the hope that someone might see what I’m writing and decide they want to see more. Overly optimistic perhaps, but a person has the right to dream. Look for that sometime in the next 30 days, with updates in the 7-14 day range, depending on outside factors. As nice as it would be to write from the office, I trust the IT department as far as I can throw them, so this is chiefly going to be weekend work. 






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