Thoughts on the Expanded Universe

Recently Disney announced that Star Wars, Episode 7 is going forward, that it will be set a generation after Episode 6, and will not include any of the Expanded Universe works as canon. My own personal reaction is mixed. On one hand, pragmatism suggests that coordinating things between the numerous EU creators would be a bear while also being an excessive burden on whoever has to actually write the thing. On the other hand, what’s the point in making a sequel in a property heavily driven by fan buy-in if you’re going to throw out all the stuff they’ve bought into when Lucas was beating his head against the wall for a decade and change trying to make Red Tails happen? Of course, all this is moot, as it’s always been my understanding that the Expanded Universe was always subordinate to the films, with the understanding that EU could be treated as canon up until a film arrived contradicting it. In essence, Disney has done nothing that Lucas couldn’t have done himself, but has taken the courtesy of slapping their metaphorical dick right on the glass instead of jerking us around with the prospect of Grand Admiral Thrawn showing up, possibly, at some point. Probably as a white guy, because Hollywood. Probably not getting Mara Jade either. Anyone who wants to be cranky about that gets a thumbs-up from me.

In the same spirit of glass-slapping-upon, I’ve decided to put something on the record regarding the content of this blog. As I’ve mentioned, getting published is my aim, and a documented reality of publishing is that there are a whole bunch of people between the author and the bookstore. Many of those people are in a position to request/suggest/demand under threat of contract termination (strike as needed) that changes be made to the text, either big or small. Words, characters, or even entire plots could go under the knife and wake up completely different. Or not wake up at all (dun dun DUN). As such, I could put something on here that later winds up orphaned or altered beyond recognition due to pre-press changes. On top of that, the work itself is still a work in progress, and as demonstrated in my last post things can change pretty extensively between revision passes.

To that end, all things posted on this blog can be considered canon until either A) contradicted by published material or B) stated otherwise by a later posting. When in doubt, compare dates of posting and the amount of money you paid to read it. Money may not buy happiness, but in this specific context it is your yardstick of credibility.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Expanded Universe

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