So, My First Rejection Showed Up

For the first few days after sending out my first queries, I had developed the dirty habit of checking my mailbox pretty much every time I sat down at the computer. Not as in ‘first thing in the morning’ but as in ‘every time I came back with a fresh cup of coffee, regardless of how fast I drank the last cup ‘. Over the past week, I’ve gotten better about it, which had the side effect of causing me to miss the arrival of my first rejection at 7 P.M. last night.

Not naming names, but the reply was polite, delivered well under the response time estimates listed on the agent’s website, and was arranged to have the bad news visible in that first line that Gmail lets you see before you actually open it up, preventing the formation of excessive false hope. Yes, I did get excited when I saw there was a response, but it didn’t get out of hand. It’s a small thing, but one that is appreciated.

As to the contents of the response, insufficient enthusiasm for the concept was mentioned, along with a reassurance that the submitted material was given a through review, and a wish for good luck in finding representation. Will take some time to think on that, as well as whatever the other agent says, before sending out the next wave of queries. 

On a lighter note, my wife has expressed concern about what I’m posting on Twitter. It’s not like anyone’s really paying attention to me on there; I’m still at the level where I’m pretty sure most of the people who are following me just did so in expectation of being followed in return, meaning that anything I put out there (even if sent directly to someone) is less a voice in the wilderness and more a voice in the middle of a bunch of other voices that can yell really loud. 



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