The Score So Far

As is mentioned on the “About” page, I wrote a book. Work started on it back around 2012, and it’s finally at the level where I feel ready to start showing it to people. While not my first attempt, it was the first one that A) got finished and B) isn’t garbage, which are pretty important for getting people to spend money on converting it from ones and zeroes to an actual physical book.


As of this posting, we have queries out with 2 agents (not sure what the protocol is on naming names in this kind of context, so going to play it safe for now). One had an automated response which basically boiled down to “it may take us a while to get to your thing, so be patient”, while the other is still quiet. The second agent has a note on their website that the current average response time for a query is 3 weeks, and we’re still well within that window. Having finished all the polishing, it’s now down to the waiting game. Just have to see what happens.


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