The Book Itself

Just noticed I managed to get 2 posts in without doing any actual work to pitch the book. A downside of blogging at 4 or 5 in the morning is that the coffee hasn’t completely entered the system yet. Hence why I first typed “blogging” as “blokking” in the line ahead of this one. And I’m looking to fix that… right about now. For extra challenge, I’ve decided to do it while listening to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. It’s not really germane to what’s going on here, but I’ve resolved to listen to the whole damn thing so I can honestly say I gave it a fair shot, and thought the distraction of blogging might help. Feel free to join me.


The title of the book is “The Shattered Continent”, and follows a week in the life of Caroline Carver, an aspiring actress who gets stranded in an alternate dimension due to a botched demon summoning ritual. Held captive via magic in a cult stronghold, she is freed by a team of mercenaries, who then offer to show her the ropes of her new world. Of course, the cultists weren’t keeping her captive just to make the place look cooler, and aren’t going to let her go without a fight. At 73000 words, it is a story of discovery, friendship, magic, and automatic weapons. Series potential is there, but we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves; gotta sell Book One before we can sell Book Two. Which I made the mistake of writing over 50000 words of before trying to sell Book One. No one to blame but myself for that one.

I’m not married to the title; the same research that indicated that I need a web presence also suggests that publishers have their own ideas about what looks good on the cover of a book, and if they weren’t right more often than not then logic suggests that they would be out of business. I’m open to suggestions on that front. They might also want to put a scantily clad woman on the cover, so I went ahead and included one or two of those in the hope that they wouldn’t just pick a character at random and draw her in a chainmail bikini.

As time goes on, I will go ahead and post more info on the world and the people in it. More to come later.




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